Reading/Clearing Vehicle Check Engine Light using your LWTS+

If you are experiencing a check engine light on your dashboard, you will be able to retrieve the code and read the cause of the code using your Livewire TS.  You will also have the ability to clear these codes if you have gone ahead and taken care of the problem that was causing the check engine light. 

  1. Once the device is powered on using the OBDII cable provided, on the bottom right of the screen press the “DIAGNOSTICS” function.
  2. You will have the choice on the following screen whether to Read DTC or Clear DTC, make your selection by pressing the appropriate option. 
  1. READ DTC: Turn key ON, the device will automatically detect it; if any codes are present they will be listed on the next screen.  You will be able to read the meaning of the code by simply touching the code being displayed.  To go back to the list of DTC’s present simply press the OK button.
  2. CLEAR DTC: Turn Key On, the device will automatically detect it; when the codes have been deleted successfully the device will let you know it.