On-Device Data Logging and Monitoring for LWTS+

This menu accesses the Monitoring and Data Logging feature.  This menu is also used when collecting data from the analog input on the device. 


  1. With your key out of the ignition connect your device to the OBDII port and power on your Livewire TS, on the bottom left of the screen you will see GAUGES / DATALOG, press it.
  2. Go ahead and turn the key to the ON position, the device will automatically detect when you have turned the key forward, it will take you the main gauge display.
  1. Tap the screen once and select “Configuration”, select the appropriate Preloaded Datalog File displayed on the screen that matches your type of vehicle, press Continue.
  2. You are now on the main gauge screen and are ready to configure what is being displayed.


Editing a Gauge

To edit a gauge you will tap twice on the gauge you would like to edit. You will be taken to the edit screen where you can choose what parameter you would like to monitor.

Item: Here you will find a list of parameters that are preloaded on your device.  You can find the Analog Inputs at the bottom of this list.

Equation: We have preset the most common equations as a list to choose from.

Range: You will be able to set the range of the senor or pid selected. The range is automatically modified based on the parameter selected. (Excludes Analogs)Alert: Setting a Min and Max value will cause the device to alert you when these values have been exceeded.

  • Indicator: You may choose the color of the alert to be displayed by your LWTS

Editing Gauge Layout

There are eight (8) preset gauge layouts available to choose from

  1. From the Main Gauge display, single tap the screen, select “LAYOUT” that will appear on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. You may scroll using your finger to the selection to choose from.
  3. Tap the image of the layout you’d like to use.  You will need to edit gauges once more.