How to Update my LWTS+

How to Update my Livewire TS / Livewire TS+ Device:

First install SCT Software

1. Make sure you have the SCT Updater Software installed on your Windows PC. If you do not have it please follow this link: SCT Device Updater
Plug in device after installation is complete. 

2. After downloading you will be prompted to Run or Save the file. Select Run. (If run is not available, select Save, and you will find the install file in your “Downloads” folder, or wherever you selected to save it to). You will then see an installation window for SCT Device Updater, follow the prompts shown (Next > Install) to install the SCT Device Updater, and when it is completed, select “Finish.”

3. Once you have downloaded and installed the software you will see a yellow, orange and black icon show up on your desktop named SCT Device Updater. 

4. Plug your Livewire TS into your PC via the USB cable that was provided in the packaging.  It is not necessary to power on the Livewire TS.

5. Normally, depending on your PC, the drivers to communicate to your device will install automatically.  You may have a pop up titled Found New Hardware Wizard. If you do, follow the prompts shown (Next, Install) to install the drivers, and when it is completed, select “Finish.”