Should I return to stock before taking my vehicle to the dealer?

- Yes. This prevents the tuner from becoming locked if the dealer updates the PCM.

Can I stack/combine the SCT programmer with another chip or tuning module?

- All Chips/Tuning Products must be removed before tuning with SCT.

Can I tune more than one vehicle with this programmer?

- You may only tune one vehicle at a time.  You may return to stock and tune another vehicle up to 5 times.

Can the vehicle be tuned while the engine is running?

- No. This can cause severe damage to the vehicle and PCM.

When I connect the tuner to the vehicle, it doesn’t power on.

- Check for blown fuses for OBDII/Cigarette Lighter.

Does the tuner have to stay plugged in to keep the vehicle tune?

- No. After tuning, you can disconnect the programmer.

Can I use a lower octane fuel than the tune file lists?

- No. You must use the same octane fuel that the vehicle is tuned for.  Failure to use the proper octane can result in severe engine damage.

I have a supercharger / nitrous oxide on my vehicle; can I use a pre-loaded tune?

- No. The pre-loaded tune files within the iTSX/TSX for Android are designed for minor performance modifications such as cold air kits, high flow exhaust systems and other basic modifications.  For high horsepower modifications such as superchargers, nitrous oxide or turbo systems, you will need to have your vehicle tuned by one of the many Custom Tuning dealers.