Analog Inputs on my X3/SF3

The X3/SF3 has the ability to perform passthrough datalogging with your PC for up to 2 Analog inputs from external sources such as an Air/Fuel wideband or any other 0-5V device.   Using the wiring specifications that came with your analog sensor, connect to the proper pins using the diagram below.

Note:Do not connect any device to the analog input that exceeds 5 volts to the analog port or permanent damage to the adapter can occur. 

From the main menu use the right arrow to get to the Data Logging menu, press Select.

  1. Use the right arrow button to get to the “Setup Analog Input” option, press Select.
  2. You will now have to choose between Channel 1 or Channel 2, using the arrow button, highlight the desired channel then press Select.
    1. Channel 1 = Analog 1
    2. Channel 2 = Analog 2

A list of the most common analog inputs will populate, using the down arrow button look for the type of sensor you will be connecting.

Every type of analog input will have its own preloaded list of available sensors to choose from.

    1. Wideband:  LM1 / TE 2A0 / PLX / LC1 / AEM / AFM1000 / Dynojet WBC / Custom WB
    2. Custom Wideband:  (v*a)+b or (v+a)*b
    3. EGT: SCT EGT or  PLX EGT
    4. MAP: GM 1BAR / GM 2BAR / GM 3BAR
    5. Raw (0-5V): Raw 0-5V / Custom 0-5V

Once you’ve chosen the model of your sensor or entered the equation manually you will be taken back to the Setup Analog section.  If you’d like to setup channel 2, you will follow the same steps. If your done you may press Cancel to indicate that you are done configuring the analog input.