Derive Power, LLC

Dealer Internet Policy

In accordance with all other rules of the Derive Power, LLC Authorized Reseller Agreement, please note and observe the following for dealer websites and search engine marketing (SEM) practices.

URL Naming by Dealer:

URLs purchased and used by Derive dealers must be unique, distinctive and separate from all brand names and/or trademarks owned by Derive Systems, Inc. and its affiliates. For example, the SCT®, Bully Dog®, Derive Systems®, Derive Power® or Derive Efficiency® brand names must not be used in dealer website URLs or company names.

Examples of prohibited dealer URLs:

The dealer should in all circumstances purchase URLs and/or assign dealer names with a unique and distinctive brand name that is separate from and does not include any Derive Systems trademark.

Bidding on brand search terms:

Derive Systems understands that dealer accounts with e-commerce websites may be active in bidding on search keywords (“paid search”) in order to drive internet search traffic to their websites. This is accomplished by bidding on keywords in the Google Adwords or Yahoo/Bing ad platforms.

While Derive deems it to be acceptable for a Derive dealer to bid on specific dealer-carried product names (“Bully Dog GT tuner, SCT X4 tuner”) in Google Adwords or Yahoo/Bing to drive traffic to dealer website, bidding on Derive Systems brand names directly (e.g., Bully Dog, SCT, Derive Systems, Derive Power, Derive Efficiency) without the associated product-specific names is prohibited. Nevertheless, many of Derive’s product names are also registered trademarks so Derive reserves the right to monitor and limit the manner in which such product names may be used by dealer.

These brand names are registered trademarks of Derive Systems, and bidding on these as paid search keywords is infringing upon Derive Systems copyrights and trademarks.

Examples of prohibited dealer search keywords:

  • Bully Dog
  • SCT
  • Bully Dog Big Rig
  • Derive Systems
  • Derive Power
  • Derive Efficiency

Derive reserves the right to expand the list of prohibited dealer search words from time to time by amending this Dealer Internet Policy.