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Newest Firmware Version:    1.1.295
Newest Tune Revision Version:    1.5.0 - Full Version
Newest Update Software Version:

Device Firmware
Firmware Version: 1.1.295 Release Date: 07-14-2010
Description: This is the latest firmware release for the Livewire Flash Device and implements numerous updates to the Livewire 9600 SCT devices.
Notes: This firmware is ONLY for USA devices ONLY and will not work on Australia devices.

Device Tune Revision
Tune Revision Version: 1.5.0 - Full Version Release Date: 03-02-2011
Description: The Livewire Tune Revision Update is used to update the preinstalled tunes on the SCT Livewire. If you have purchased a Livewire that does not recognize your vehicle, this update should resolve the problem. This file is used for devices that have been formatted and need the tune revisions re-installed.

Revisions & Updates Include:
- Updated 6.0 EGR Codes
- Added missing strategies
- Resolved 6.8 Excursion User Adjustable Options
Notes: DO NOT install this file on 6.4L Enabled Livewire Devices.

Special note to customers that have a Ford 6.0 Diesel:
There is a new version of the Diesel datalog configuration file that allows logging of engine oil temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Click Here to Download 


Device Update Software
Version: Release Date: 07-28-2015
Description: The Device Update Software is used to update your devices Firmware, Tune Revision or to load Custom Tunes (LL3 / CEF files) onto your device.
Notes: This software now features an option to auto-update your SCT Enhanced Device. If you are updating one of these devices, there is no need to download firmware or the tune revision.

Changes included in this version:
- Resolved minor GM issues
- Improved Livewire TS / iTSX Support

NOTE: If you already have version or higher installed on your computer, open the Updater Software and select 'Yes' when prompted to update the software. This will reduce the amount of time taken to install the software.

If you are having issues with your custom tune files currently, you will need to reload the custom tune files into your device after following the auto-update process

Live Link Data Logging Software
Version: Release Date: 10-18-2011
Description: SCT's Live Link Datalogging Software is used to view / data log / record & playback your vehicles PCM data on a laptop computer.
Notes: Changes to this version include:

- This version is required to use the latest versions of firmware.

SCT Aftermarket EGT Kit Wiring Diagrams
Description: SCT Aftermarket EGT Kit Wiring Diagrams
SCT Exhaust Gas Temperature wiring diagrams for popular EGT kits & SCT devices

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