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Newest Firmware Version:    1.28
Newest Tune Revision Version:    No Tune Revision Updates Available
Newest Update Software Version:

Device Firmware
Firmware Version: 1.28 Release Date: 04-17-2008
Description: This is the latest firmware release for the DCX XCalibrator 2 Flash Device.

This firmware is ONLY for USA devices ONLY and will not work on Australia devices.

Device Update Software
Version: Release Date: 06-29-2009
Description: Live Load is used to upload custom tune files sent from your SCT Dealer to the DCX XCalibrator 2.
- Compatible with both *.LL3 files and *.CEF files.
- Requires serial numbers
- Automatically installs XC2 drivers

LiveLoad Version 2.2.11 supports US, AU and UK customers with the same version of software.

Device Update Software
Version: 2.2.0 Release Date: 08-23-2007
Description: SCT Live Update is used to update the software on a DCX XCalibrator 2. Live Update updates the firmware on the device, which includes bug fixes, and adds new features.

Windows Device Drivers
Version: N/A Release Date: 01-01-2007
Description: These are all of the drivers required to use the 9550 device with your Windows XP or newer PC. Note, you must install Both sets of drivers before the Xcalibrator 2 will be recognized by windows.
Notes: NOTE: DO NOT PLUG IN YOUR DEVICE before viewing the tutorial below. The drivers MUST BE INSTALLED manually. Be sure to follow the instructions in the Installing SCT's USB Drivers tutorial when install the Windows drivers for this device. You can view the tutorial by clicking on the link below: CLICK HERE

SCT Aftermarket EGT Kit Wiring Diagrams
Description: SCT Aftermarket EGT Kit Wiring Diagrams
SCT Exhaust Gas Temperature wiring diagrams for popular EGT kits & SCT devices

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