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  iTSX / TSX for Android Update Instructions using SCT Device Updater

iTSX / TSX for Android Update:

New Vehicle Support Added:

2011+ F150 Ecoboost
2011-2012 F250+ 6.7L
2013 Focus ST
2012-2013 Focus NA (Custom Tuning Only)

Update Summary:
A new version of the iTSX / TSX for Android application, firmware & tune revision are available for current iTSX / TSX for Android owners. This is a free update that adds additional vehicle support & improved functionality. Due to the size of this update, it requires the update be applied using the SCT Device Updater application. To update your device to this current version, follow the instructions below:
1) Return your vehicle back to stock prior to updating your iTSX accessory
2) Download and install SCT Device Updater - Click here to Download
3) Connect your iTSX accessory to your PC, allow a minute or two for the drivers to automatically install.
4) From your desktop, double click on the SCT Device Updater icon.
5) Click on “Automatically Check for Updates”
6) When Device Information is populates on your screen click on “Update Device”
7) SCT Device Updater will notify you when the update is complete.
8) Now you will have to update the iTSX App on your Apple or Android device.
9) Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for the “iTSX” for Apple users and “TSX” for Android users.
10) An update will be available for the iTSX / TSX for Android application. Download & install the updated app.
11) The device & app will now be up to date.
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